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1. Cloud Native LinuxONE Workshop

Welcome to our Cloud Native LinuxONE workshop. Developers can leverage OpenShift to create continuous integration pipelines for Linux® workloads on IBM Z® and LinuxONE. You can quickly get up and running on OpenShift with a continuous workflow.

1.1 Agenda

1.1.1 Introductory Presentations

1.1.2 Lab: Build and Deploy a Cloud Native DevOps Pipeline in OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE

1.1.3 Introduction to RBAC and Container Registry, Q&A

  • 4pm - 4:30pm - Introduction to RBAC and Hands-On with RBAC

1.1.4 BONUS lab: Adding code scanning with SonarQube to your Pipeline

1.2 Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to the following contributors:

    • Chee Yee for setting up the LinuxONE Community Cloud for the OpenShift Pipelines workflow

    • The spring developers for creating the petclinic demo and the redhat-developer-demos for sharing the spring-petclinic version of sample application we started with

1.3 Key Contributors

  • Barry Silliman
  • Faraz Khan
  • Rishi Patel
  • William Doyle

1.4 Workshop authors

  1. For the purposes of this lab, you are fulfilling the requirements of a fictional organization. These requirements could change for your specific organization but would follow a similar pattern with different specifics.